Who we are

We are a  Member-based organisation that has been instrumental in keeping Australian industries productive and successful for almost 150 years. We’re connected to more than 60,000 businesses, and committed to supporting the needs of industry in Australia. Our membership support is delivered through services ranging from workplace relations, to workplace health and safety, as well as consulting on business strategy, HR and workforce development.

Through our extensive work in employment and education policy, we are excited to have expanded our services to include graduate employment pathways. Good for grads – connecting you to the job of your dreams; good for business – creating a pipeline of future talent and leaders.


How we can help you..

We are not your average recruiters! We aim to become your job hunting partner, offering you not only a selection of top job opportunities, but also arming you with the information and skills needed to secure the role and thrive once you start.

We can help you refine your CV, brush up on your interview skills and stand out during assessment centres. We also offer a bespoke and comprehensive mentoring programme for when you begin your new role. Our mentoring programme means you have a higher chance of developing and improving your performance on the job, with regular feedback and coaching on how to succeed. We’ve found those who receive mentoring experience higher levels of job satisfaction, and climb the career ladder faster, than those who don’t receive any.

You’ll also get the chance to join our “Future Leaders” Alumni where we regularly host networking events. You’ll have the opportunity to build lasting connections with other graduates starting out in their careers, leading to business and career opportunities in the future.

What’s next?

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