Who we are

We are a  Member-based organisation that has been instrumental in keeping Australian industries productive and successful for almost 150 years. We’re connected to more than 60,000 businesses, and committed to supporting the needs of industry in Australia. Our membership support is delivered through services ranging from workplace relations, to workplace health and safety, as well as consulting on business strategy, HR and workforce development.

We know that many employers would like to give a graduate a go, but don’t have the resourcing capacity, the headcount, or both. They also speak of the challenges around assimilation and productivity.


How can we help you…

Our model is based on providing a ‘high-touch’ bespoke solution allowing for flexibility and meeting the specific needs of the Employer.

We develop deep connections within the tertiary sector – Careers Office, Student Clubs and Societies, Faculties and Course Lecturers – a targeted approach to where future and current Graduates reside. Your talent pool starts right here.

We make it easy for you to hire a Graduate. By offering multiple modes of recruitment – casual, part-time, full-time or project-based, our program is tailor-made to the Employers specific needs. We know that business needs are in a constant state of flux and a homogenous approach to recruitment and talent management does not always suit.

There are almost 200,000 graduates preparing to enter the workforce each year in Australia and the fast-moving global economy is changing the way we do business. That’s a lot of new and ambitious talent to choose from, and great news for employers.


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